Lady Gaga's Dancers

Anonymous asked: who is the dancer in the Art Rave that wears the blue latex catsuit with one leg and no sleeves? pictures?

That’s Nick Geurts :)

IG: ladygagadancers

Anonymous asked: Do you know the names of all of gagas dancers for the artrave? Specifically of the guy with the swine mask for swine?

There’s many boys with masks during Swine. If you’re talking about the one in blue pants, I’m pretty sure that’s Nick. I made a post about the tour dancers but I’ll re-say them all.

Asiel Hardison
Montana Efaw
Karen Chuang
Ian Mckenzie
David Brandt
Gianinni Moreira
Kevin Frey
China Taylor
Theresa Stone
Nick Geurts
Graham Breitenstein
Sloan Rabinor
Victor Rojas
Tamina Pollack- Paris

Anonymous asked: Do you know the name of the black male dancer that holds the koons balls during artpop at artrave? I think he has a ponytail too.

That’s Giannini Moreira :)

Anonymous asked: WE WANT MORE PICTURES OF NICK, PLEASE. I'm absolutely IN LOVE with him.

YESS!!!!! I’ll be posting pictures up becaus I’ve been really busy these past months! But yaaaaaass Nick is such a cutie ;)

Anonymous asked: Do you know the name of the female dancer (short dark hair) in G.U.Y. who is dancing in the first row on the right side during the last chorus?

Theresa Stone. She’s touring on the artRAVE and has short blonde hair.