Lady Gaga's Dancers

Anonymous asked: Do you know the name of the black male dancer that holds the koons balls during artpop at artrave? I think he has a ponytail too.

That’s Giannini Moreira :)

Anonymous asked: WE WANT MORE PICTURES OF NICK, PLEASE. I'm absolutely IN LOVE with him.

YESS!!!!! I’ll be posting pictures up becaus I’ve been really busy these past months! But yaaaaaass Nick is such a cutie ;)

Anonymous asked: Do you know the name of the female dancer (short dark hair) in G.U.Y. who is dancing in the first row on the right side during the last chorus?

Theresa Stone. She’s touring on the artRAVE and has short blonde hair.

Anonymous asked: amanda balen remeber me jeremiah billiot

Sorry, Amanda doesn’t run this page

matt-actsleazy asked: Hello! I have a big question, why David (Brandt) is listed as Masterson? is that his real last name? a stage last name? or unknown reasons? Thanks!

Im pretty sure Masterson is his legal last name but he chooses to go by Brandt. Because his last name is listed Masterson on his agency page as well.

Anonymous asked: Who is the dancer in the VMA 2013 version of Applause that enters at about 3:00 and spends much of the rest of the performance downleft center of Gaga? He is a bigger guy.

Yes I’ve seen him before, he’s also in lovegame but I don’t know his name. Sorry :/

Anonymous asked: Do you know the hot black guy the carried Gaga in G.U.Y. in roseland ballroom?

Asiel Hardison

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